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Published on 29 October 2019 by Shogun Déco

Fer(us) d’Art !

Discover in our stores, in a very limited edition, decorative metal pieces made to measure for us (and you).

sculpture de cheval
sculpture d'aigle

45 models of sculptures made from mechanical parts of motorcycles, each one unique in the world because of the elements that compose it.

On the manufacturing program: disassembly of the machines, degreasing, selection of parts, installation of these parts and finally welding... We let you imagine the working hours and the know-how necessary to make these sculptures. And that's not all! Once the work is done, each metal part is cleaned with a brush and then covered with marine varnish to allow you to expose your favourite parts to the outside (as any varnish is to be maintained over the years).

Eco-responsible sculptures, therefore, and ethical tailoring employing a team of 4 welders who are committed to showcasing their know-how.

On the program, you will find animal statues, but not only! Also musical instruments, miniature or full-size motorcycles, a 3.50m Eiffel Tower (and a few hundred kilos), as well as a few science fiction monsters to discover only in our stores in the Paris region, for even more surprises.

Published on March 20, 2019 by Shogun Déco

Atmosphere from elsewhere and the charm of recovery

Surrender to the naive charm of our recycled metal characters

We are happy to be able to offer you this poetic interpretation of recovery'. This artistic collaboration is our way of gradually moving towards a more eco-responsible path. By proposing these creations, we are highlighting the work of a young artist who has chosen to express his talent through ecological art.

From recovered metal pieces, he imagines faces and arouses emotions that recreate the lost link between the material and man.

Each sculpture is an absolutely unique piece that will never be reproduced since they all depend on the materials found and the inspiration of the moment.

To offer you these parts, several months of reflection and work were necessary for our artist, from the chasing of the metal parts at garages and scrap dealers to the welding of these parts. The touches of paint he applies at the last moment draw the expressions and finish giving life to these naive statuettes.

If you want to discover more eco-responsible products, we invite you to discover our range of recycled wooden boat furniture.

Published on March 20, 2019 by Shogun Déco

From the ocean to home

On our website and in store you could find Kléo products, unique furniture, full of stories and travels. We tell you their journey here.


Originally, there were boats built by Indonesian fishermen. The woods are local (teak, bankirai, merbau) and the paintings on the hulls are done according to the island and the region where the sailors belong. Then comes the wave test, the rust, the fishing and the storms... and then the calm, nothing... just the sound of the waves breaking on the coast.

After 50 years of navigation, shipwrecks littered the coast and died on the spot. Their wood is dirty, worn, stained with thick layers of paint. But if it is the end of their maritime life, it marks the beginning of another life, which will take place in the interiors of the whole world, perhaps yours! That's where Kleo's magic works!

The furniture

The wrecks are dismantled and the recovered wood is sanded. Mortises and drillings are patched, traces of paint are transformed into marbled patterns and shimmering mosaics to remind us of the sailors they once represented. It is these traces of paint and disparities in the wood that make Kleo furniture unique. None of them are the same, they all depend on the inspiration of the carpenter who made them. Finally, the recovered wood is associated with metal for a strong position in the Industrial style.

The manufacturing process


An absolutely eco-responsible production? Yes, in addition to the origin of the wood that comes from the recovery process, the metal finishing process is also certified ecological!

The Powder Coating technique is used, it is a paint applied as a powder at very high temperature (200°C) so that it melts and welds to the metal. This gives infinite color choices, a softer texture and also improves protection against rust and scratches. In addition to these many advantages, it is a technique qualified as non-polluting because it is solvent-free.

This means no release into the environment and better occupational safety for workers (reduced fire risk and no respiratory exposure to solvents, masks are only necessary to avoid inhalation or ingestion of the powder).

If you have been charmed by Kleo's values and are ready to sail between the 13,000 Indonesian islands, we invite you to come and discover all the Kleo collections. In case you would like to see and choose your part yourself (colors and wood brands differ on each product), we invite you to go to the store, preferably the one at La Croix Blanche where the stocks are located.

If you would like to discover other eco-responsible ranges, we suggest you take a look at our dedicated trend.