About us

Who are we?

Shogun-déco is a French company on a human scale that was founded in 1979.  A pioneer in exotic decoration, we were the first to launch the rattan and bamboo trends in France in the 1980s and 1990s respectively. The Emmanuelle chair? And yes, it was us!

Where does our slogan "Nowhere else..." come from? You are the one who inspired it through our in-store exchanges and your impressions.

In the digital age we offer you here a non-exhaustive selection of our products. Also, you can discover and order your furniture and deco either by visiting our five stores in France.

Magasins Shogun de Fleury

Who do we work with?

Since the beginning our suppliers have been mainly located in Asia, notably in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Thailand. A large majority of our products are manufactured in a traditional way, i.e. they are produced in small series by professionals using specialised tools, and not by automated machines.  

We visit our suppliers' factories and workshops several times a year to ensure that the workers' working conditions are good and that the production methods used are in accordance with our principles. Similarly, we ensure that the wood used in the manufacture of furniture is certified as sustainable and we are proud to collaborate with brands such as Kléo, which integrate recycled wood into their production, and we have created an Eco-responsible range on our site. Finally, we try to highlight atypical and unique pieces designed and produced by marginal creators such as our recycled metal masks or our naive little animals made of scrap wood.

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