Means of payment

Shogun Déco offers you several payment methods:

Payment by credit card

Payments by credit card are made in full with the order and exclusively in euros.
Secure payment by Paybox: The security of credit card payments is guaranteed by Paybox. This solution allows you to make your purchases with complete confidence. You enter your bank details only and directly on the Paybox server. He is the only one who receives your bank details. At no time do we have access to your banking information and it is never given to Shogun Déco.

Payment by bank transfer

Payments by bank transfer are made in full with the order.
On the payment method page, select "bank transfer" and confirm.
After reviewing your order information, click on "Confirm my order".
Follow the information on the page to make your transfer.

TO KNOW: With this payment method, delivery can only take place upon receipt of the transfer and once it is considered final. This extends the delays by about 10 days.

Domiciliation :
Code banque : 10278
Code guichet : 06450
Numéro de compte : 00032461645
Clef RIB : 82
Iban : FR76 1027 8064 5000 0324 6164 582

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